For those of you who have visited this site previously you will notice a great change.

Our previous version had tabs for the various events we held and the activities we undertook - Local Excellence Markets, Christmas Extravaganza, Breakfast Meetings, Training sessions, regular meetings and Christmas get-togethers, getting our town to gain FairTrade status.

Over time it has become more and more apparent that the same members were the ones who volunteered to make most of these happen - and that is not sustainable.

Also, we felt it was time to re-evaluate what the Chamber was trying to achieve. Our Mission statement

Our aim is to be the voice of the local business community in the promotion of the businesses, the town and economy of Abingdon-on-Thames and to act as a representative of businesses within Abingdon and surrounding area.

was not being fulfilled through many of the activities (markets, Extravaganza) that took all of the time of those who volunteered and left us with little or no time for other more business related activities.

So, the Local Excellence Markets have been passed over to the Abingdon Events Partnership and they will be looking at organising other events also (email

As a Chamber we will be re-evaluating our role and what we can achieve for our business members. Any thoughts and ideas gratefully received.

We can still be contacted at